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Yaya Yoga ca's Class Review!

Check out our review from our friends over at Two in Tow!

Move like the dinosaurs!
(I always have this Amazonfiretv fave stuck in my head 😆).
But, no. This is not about TV. It’s about yoga. Have you ever been interested in kids yoga? Because our lastest blog post reviews Yaya Yoga CA all it’s stretchy//movement fun.

Toddler Downward Dog!

Toddler Downward Dog!

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Mindfulness says we can do better.
— Author Kate Pickert of "The Art of Being Mindful" TIME Magazine's February 3, 2014 Issue
Sweet Sweet Savasana aka final relaxation in Kids Yoga

Sweet Sweet Savasana aka final relaxation in Kids Yoga

Family Yoga!

Family Yoga!

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L Pose on the Wall

What is Yaya Yoga ca? 

Yaya Yoga ca has a lot to offer kids and families in San Luis Obispo County! Children & adults gain the flexibility needed to keep their muscles safe. They build core muscles and strengthen extremities that make high intensity exercise, such as sports or dance, safe and enjoyable. Breathing, visualizing, and focusing techniques that are introduced to children & families ease stressful situations. Children learn mindfulness and concentration techniques that help them in school as well as in play.

Featured Breath! 

Spiderman Breath

When kids are having a challenging emotion such as anger, frustration, or sadness we can encourage them to find their breath. Spiderman Breath is a fun way for kids to find their deep belly breath and access their "thinking brain"! 
Spiderman breath helps kids shut down their fight, flight, and freeze within their brain(found in the amygdala) and helps them access their prefrontal cortex which is responsible for decision making. Once they are able to access their "thinking brain" aka the prefrontal cortex, they will be able to calm themselves down and talk through their tough emotion and hopefully together find a better solution in moving forward! 
How to do Spiderman Breath: 
Have kids make their hands into Spiderman hands the best they can(index finger, pinky finger and thumb out). Take a deep belly breath and shoot out your spiderwebs to the sky, out the sides, or to the floor with your breath making a shooshing sound! Do this three times to help them access their PC! 

More Fun with Family Yoga!

More Fun with Family Yoga!