How can I help my child remain calm?

Many parents ask, "How can I help my child to be calm?" It's a great question and although kids come jam packed with their own special energetic energy we can give kids tools to help them calm down during a stressful situation such as before taking a test, before a big game, and when someone has angered them. 

I'm featuring "The Pose of the Month" in this weeks "Monday Morning Yoga Tip", "Pretzel Pose with Hands to Heart" to help induce a sense of calm (this works for adults as well). :-) 

Find a quiet place in your home that is free of technology distractions such as the tv, phones, and smart pads. It may be helpful to have a place in your home that is designated as the "calm spot". This may help children in the future to self-regulate and head to the "calm spot" when they feel emotions arising. It may take a while for a child to begin to self-regulate but as a parent you can help by stating the emotion that is happening and encouraging them to find their "calm spot". For example, "You seem very angry. It's okay to be angry but it's not okay to throw your toys. Let's try sitting together in the calm spot so we can talk about this later when we have both calmed down." Yes I know this seems like a lot of work! And the first few times they may want nothing to do with the calm spot but they will see your example and hopefully want to be a part of calming their body and mind down as well.

It also may be beneficial to introduce the "calm spot" and "Pretzel Pose with Hands to Heart" before a break-down occurs such as in the morning before school. Remind them that clearing their head before going to school will help them be stronger more creative thinkers! Once the "calm spot" is introduced in a positive way then kids will be more apt to try it during a break-down. 

Here is "Pretzel Pose with Hands to Heart":

How to: Sit in a criss-cross position with a tall spine in your "calm spot". Put the non-dominant leg in front if possible. Bring your hands to your heart and close your eyes. Take 5-10 breaths keeping the mind focused on the breath. It may be helpful to say in your mind "In" when you inhale and "out" when you exhale. 

Benefits:This pose calms the mind. It opens the hips, ankles, and relieves tension in the lower back. It helps to improve posture.

I hope this pose is helpful for you and your family! Please respond in the comments below if you have questions or if you want to share how it went! 

Love & Peace

Ms. Vanessa